The Executive Committee of the IAU and Division Presidents visited Vienna on April 16.-20. for their 100th EC meeting and to meet with the LOC for a discussion of the upcoming XXX. General Assembly in August 20.-31.

The IAU President Silvia Torres-Peimbert with the Rector of the University of Vienna, Heinz Engl, and the former IAU President Norio Kaifu (on the left with his wife) at the welcome reception by the University.

EC, DPs, and LOC members at the welcome reception.

EC, DPs, and LOC members on their sight inspection of the conference venue Austria Center Vienna

EC, DPs, and LOC members at work, listening to the GA preparation.


XXX IAU General Assembly | ACV - Austria Center Vienna  | Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1  | 1220 Vienna