Division E: Sun and Heliosphere

August 24 and 27, 2018



Yihua Yan – NAOC – Beijing (China)


Mini-symposium: “Solar and Heliospheric Physics”

General Information:
Division E (Sun and Heliosphere), as all other IAU Divisions, will have a dedicated Division Meeting in Vienna. Division Meeting is a scientific meeting on “Solar and Heliospheric Physics” covering all research fields relevant for Division E. The Meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 24 and Monday, August 27. All Division Meetings will run in parallel, but no other meetings (scientific or business) will be scheduled for these time slots.

The joint Business Meeting of Division E, its Commissions and Working Groups is on 27 August 2015 between 15:30-17:00.

The SOC of the Division Meeting consists of the members of the Division Steering Committee: Yihua Yan (chair), Sarah Gibson, Marc L DeRosa, Lyndsay Fletcher, Natalie Krivova, Ingrid Mann, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, Arnab Rai Choudhuri, Eduard P. Kontar, Toshifumi Shimizu, Nandita Srivastava, Rudolf von Steiger.



Friday, 24. Aug.

Solar Interior and Dynamo
room: L3
10:30 - Howe, Rachel (Helioseismology/evidence for change in dynamo)
11:00 - Böning, Vincent (Inferences of the Deep Solar Meridional Flow)
10:15 - Yang, Dan (Helioseismic Holography Using Multiple Vantage Points)
10:30 - Murakozy (Sunspot group evolution)
10:45 - Gebreegzabihar, Kinfe (Influence of Active Region Inflows in a 3D Babcock-Leighton Solar Dynamo Model)

Solar Atmospheres and Activities
room: L3
13:30 - Temmer, Manuela (Early CME evolution and associated phenomena in the solar atmosphere)
14:00 - Veronig, Astrid (On the factors determining the eruptive character of solar flares)
14:15 - Göker, Ümit Deniz (emporal Variations of Different Solar Activity Indices and Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability of Some Chromospheric Emission Lines Through the Solar Cycles 21-23)
14:30 - Menezes, Fabian (The subterahertz sun: equatorial and polar radii from SST and ALMA)
14:45 - Wheatland, Michael (Changes in the photospheric magnetic field produced by flares)

Solar Atmospheres and Activities
room: L3
15:30 - Benz, Arnold O. (Electron Acceleration in Nanoflares and Preflares - Relevant for Coronal Heating?)
15:45 - Bisoi, Susanta Kumar (Evidence of a distant decimetric radio source connected to the main flare site: First high temporal and spatial GMRT observations)
16:00 - Yan, Yihua (A Circular Ribbon Flare Event as Observed by MUSER)
16:15 - Park, Eunsu (AI-generated EUV images of the Sun)
16:30 - Mrozek, Tomasz (The catalogue of failed eruptions registered by the SDO/AIA)

Solar Wind, Heliospheric Transients and Space Weather
room: L3
17:00 - Kilpua, Emilia (Recent Living Review on CMEs in interplanetary space)
17:30 - Russell, Christopher (The Solar Wind over the Last Four Sunspot Cycles)
18:00 - Moon, Yong-Jae (Application of deep learning methods for image-to-image translation to solar and geophysical data)
18:15 - Holappa, Lauri (IMF By-dependent enhancement in high-latitude geomagnetic activity in local winter)
18:30 - Jeon, Seonggyeong (Statistical study on the kinematic classification of coronal mass ejections from 4 to 30 solar radii)


Monday, 27. Aug.

PhD. Prize talks & Poster Session
room: L3
10:30 - Takasao, Shinsuke (Toward understanding of the production and evolution of large solar flares)
10:45 - Christopher Moore (The Solar Corona viewed through the MinXSS)
11:00 - posters

Science Opportunity with Solar Instrumentation
room: L3
13:30 - Solanki, Sami (Science from Solar Orbiter)
13:45 - Martinez Pillet, Valentin (Science from DKIST)
14:00 - Vourlidas, Angelos (Science from Parker Solar Probe)
14:15 - Shimojo, Masumi (Solar Science with ALMA)
14:30 - Yuanyong Deng (Science from Space & ground-based Solar Instrumentation in China)
14:45 - Klein, Karl-Ludwig (radio diagnostics of the Sun with old and the new instruments)

Business Meeting of Division E and its Commissions, WGs
room: L3
15:30 - Yihua Yan (Division E President's report)
15:55 - Vanessa McBride (OAD Representative)
15:58 - Natalie Krivova (Commission C.E1 President's report)
16:08 - Lyndsay Fletcher (Commission C.E2 President's report)
16:18 - Ingrid Mann (Commission C.E3 President's report)
16:28 - Dibyendu Nandi (“Impact of Magnetic Activity on Solar and Stellar Environments” WG Chair’s Report)
16:36 - Jay M. Pasachoff (“Solar Eclipses” WG Chair’s Report)
16:44 - Frederic Clette/Alexei A. Pevtsov (“Coordination of Synoptic Observations of the Sun” WG Chairs’ Report)
16:52 - Greg Kopp/Alexander I. Shapiro (“Solar Irradiance” WG Chairs’ Report)


Yihua Yan

XXX IAU General Assembly | ACV - Austria Center Vienna  | Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1  | 1220 Vienna