Based on applications to the IAU from December 2016, the following focus meetings and symposia within the 30th GA 2018 have been selected by the IAU Executive Committee in May 2017.

Focus Meetings 

ID Title
FM1 A Century of Asteroid Families
FM2 Warm and Hot Baryonic Matter in the Cosmos
FM3 Radio Galaxies: Resolving the AGN phenomenon
FM4 Magnetic fields along the star-formation sequence
FM5 Understanding historical observations to study transient phenomena
FM6 Galactic Angular Momentum
FM7 Radial metallicity gradients in star forming galaxies
FM8 New Insights in Extragalactic Magnetic Fields
FM9 Solar Irradiance: Physics-Based Advances
FM10 Nano Dust in Space and Astrophysics
FM11 JWST: Launch, Commissioning, and Cycle 1 Science
FM12 Calibration and Standardization Issues in UV-VIS-IR Astronomy
FM13 Global Coordination of International Astrophysics and
Heliophysics Activities from Space and Ground
FM14 IAU’s role on global astronomy outreach, the latest challenges and
bridging different communities
FM15 Astronomy for Development


The programme will be announced here asap.



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