Division G: Stars and Stellar Physics

August 24 and 27, 2018



Corinne Charbonnel - Geneva Observatory (Switzerland) & CNRS (France) - Switzerland

Mini-Symposium "Stars and Stellar Physics - The asteroseismic revolution"

Scientific motivation:
The surfaces of stars can tell us so much, yet the truth about stars lies within them. That interior structure is revealed by the careful study and analysis of oscillations: asteroseismology. Over the past decade especially asteroseismology has blossomed because facilities such as Corot and Kepler have detected stellar oscillations as subtle as the Sun's, and some upcoming missions promise even more. We can now detect stellar oscillations in most of the H-R diagram. Division G (Stars and Stellar Physics) of the IAU is using one of its division days to hold a mini-symposium on results from asteroseismology and the insights into stellar structure and evolution they have provided. We invite all attendees at the General Assembly to join us to learn more about the important advances being made. The talks will describe the new information we have on stars themselves, as well as how that can be applied to other astrophysical areas, such as studying exoplanets and understanding the history of our Galaxy.

SOC: Div G Steering Committee (C. Charbonnel, D. Soderblom, T. Boyajian, A. Herrero, I. Hubeny, C. S. Jeffery, J. Lattantio, A. Prsa, I. Ribas, M. Asplund, F. D'Antona, P. Kervela, G. Peters) and advisors (S. Hekker, J. Matthews)

email: iau2018astero@gmail.com


Abstract list for Div.G
Poster list for Div.G

Friday, 24. Aug.

Helio and asteroseismic observational constraints on stellar properties across the HRD
room: B
10:30 - Chaplin, William (Helio and asteroseismic observational constraints on stellar properties across the HRD)
10:55 - Peterson, Ruth (Spectroscopic Temperatures, Gravities, and Metallicities for Kepler Giants)
11:05 - Jeffery, Simon (Pulsations as Probes in Hydrogen-Deficient Atmospheres)
11:25 - Zong, Weikai (Oscillation mode variability in pulsating hot B subdwarfs and and white dwarfs from Kepler photometry)
11:40 - Buldgen (IAU PhD Prize 2018 - Inversions in helio- and asteroseismology: constraints on chemical mixing processes and the solar modelling problem)

Open issues, challenges, and solutions for solar and stellar modeling (micro- and macro-physics)
room: B
13:45 - Basu, Sarbani (Some issues in stellar modelling)
14:10 - Walczak, Przemyslaw (Asteroseismic constraints on stellar opacities)
14:25 - Szewczuk, Wojciech (Deciphering the traces of mixing processes in interiors of massive g-mode pulsators)
14:40 - Smolec, Radoslaw (New Perspectives on Classical Pulsators)

Asteroseismology clues on Galactic stellar populations
room: B
15:30 - Chiappini, Cristina (The asteroseismic revolution on Galactic scales)
15:55 - wu, yaqian (Mass and Age of Red Giant Branch Stars Observed with LAMOST and Kepler)
16:10 - Pietrukowicz, Pawel (Milky Way structure based on thousands of Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars from the OGLE survey)
16:25 - Huber, Daniel (Asteroseismology versus Gaia: How Accurate are Scaling Relations for Solar-like Oscillators?)
16:40 - Valentini, Marica (Revisiting young alpha-enhanced stars in the CoRoT center and anti-center fields)
16:55 - Oswalt, Terry (Testing the Stellar Rotation vs. Age Paradigm Using Wide Binaries in the Kepler K2 Fields)

Future massive space and ground-based surveys, and synergy with other facilities
room: B
17:10 - Campante, Tiago (Synergy between asteroseismology and exoplanet science: an outlook)
17:35 - Rimoldini, Lorenzo (Variability Phenomena in the Gaia second Data Release )
17:50 - Szabo, Robert (The Kepler Pixel Project)
18:05 - Discussion


Monday, 27. Aug.

Session 5
room: B
10:30 - 12:00 Poster Session and Division G matters

Session 6
room: B
13:30 - Hamers, Adrian (IAU PhD Prize - Hot Jupiters from Alternative High-eccentricity Migration Scenarios)
13:50 - Dravins, Dainis (Spatially resolved spectroscopy across stellar surfaces)
14:10 - Sitnova, Tatyana (NLTE abundances of C, O, Ca, Ti, and Fe in BAF-type stars)
14:30 - Maravelias, Grigoris (Rings around B[e] Supergiants)
14:50 - Oskinova, Lidia (Massive stars in the X-ray light)

Session 7
room: B
15:30 - Hypki, Arkadiusz (Stability of hierarchical stars in globular star clusters)
15:50 - McLoughlin, Dominic (Nova Sagittarius V5668 - the first three years)
16:10 - Gutiérrez Soto, Luis Angel (Detecting Galactic halo planetary nebulae and symbiotic stars in multi-band photometric surveys)
16:30 - Howell, Andrew (The Global Supernova Project)


Corinne Charbonnel

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