Division H: Interstellar Matter and Local Universe

August 24 and 27, 2018



Bruce G. Elmegreen - T J Watson Res Center - New York (USA)


General Information:

This two-day meeting will present expert reviews on the latest developments in research on Interstellar Matter and the Local Universe, while providing a focal point for IAU Division H and related Commission Business. All are welcome.

Bruce Elmegreen (bge@us.ibm.com), Cristina Chiappini, Richard de Grijs, Eva Grebel, Ciska Kemper, Eva Schinnerer, Letizia Stanghellini, Leonardo Testi


Abstract list for Div.H
Poster list for Div.H

Friday, 24. Aug.

Session 1
Chair: Eva Schinnerer

room: F1
10:30 - Toth, L. Viktor (Key points of IAUS345 “Origins”)
10:50 - Stierwalt, Sabrina (Key points of IAUS344 “Dwarf Galaxies”)
11:10 - Olofsson, Hans (Key points of IAUS343: “AGB stars”)
11:30 - Huang, Yang (PhD Prize 2017: Galactic kinematics and dynamics from the LAMOST Galactic Spectroscopic Surveys)
11:45 - Gina Panopoulou (PhD Prize 2018: Interstellar filaments and magnetic field)

Session 2
Chair: Eva Grebel

room: F1
13:30 - Millar, Tom (Astrochemistry of molecular clouds and in the lab)
13:50 - Bergin, Edwin (Astrochemistry of disks)
14:10 - Lizano, Susana (Structure of protostellar disks)
14:30 - Summary of Commissions 1, 2, 3, 4, WG

Session 3
Chair: Letizia Stanghellini

room: F1
15:30 - Aikawa, Yuri (Chemistry of protostellar cores and disk formation)
15:50 - Alves, Joao (Local stellar groupings and age sequences)
16:10 - de Grijs, Richard (Observations of star clusters “not-so-simple stellar populations”)
16:30 - Wang, Long (PhD Prize 2017: Simulations of globular clusters)
16:45 - Siyao Xu (PhD Prize 2018: Theory of Interstellar Turbulence)
17:00 - Schinnerer, Eva (Molecular ISM in nearby galaxies as seen by ALMA)
17:20 - Shen, Juntai (MW Bar/bulge)
17:40 - Division H meeting including Commission Leaders


Monday, 27. Aug.

Session 4
Chair: Richard de Grijs

room: F1
10:30 - Falgarone, Edith (Molecular signatures of turbulent dissipation in galaxies)
10:50 - Haywood, Misha (MW thick disk)
11:10 - Lang, Cornelia (Galactic Center)
11:30 - Chiappini, Cristina (Asteroseismology and age dating the stars in the MW)
11:50 - Summary of Division Business from Friday

Session 5
Chair: Ciska Kemper

room: F1
13:30 - Grebel, Eva (Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Group)
13:50 - Rubio, Monica (LMC/SMC)
14:10 - summaries of select posters

Session 6
Chair: Cristina Chiappini

room: F1
15:30 - McClure-Griffiths, Naomi (The Magellanic Stream)
15:50 - Meiksin, Avery (Circumgalactic Medium of MW and M31)
16:10 - Corbelli, Edvige (The ISM of M33)
16:30 - Maud Galametz (Interstellar dust) 
16:50 - Announcements by new Division and Commission Leaders


Bruce G. Elmegreen

XXX IAU General Assembly | ACV - Austria Center Vienna  | Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1  | 1220 Vienna