IAU Focus Meeting FM1:
A Century of Asteroid Families

August 28 – 29, 2018

Scientific Rationale:

The IAU 2018 GA occurs during the 100th anniversary of the identification of asteroid families by Kiyotsugu Hirayama. In this Focus Meeting, we will celebrate a century of asteroid family research, bringing together researchers from around the globe to review the history of the field, highlight major turning points in our understanding of asteroid families, present new results from recent asteroid family studies, and discuss the potential new avenues of research that will be opened in the coming years. Our 100th anniversary celebration will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the worldwide research into asteroid families and excite the next generation of researchers who will begin the second century of family studies.


  • A Look Back: The History of Asteroid Families (before Yarkovsky) 
  • Families in the Era of the Yarkovsky Effect
  • Families as a Probe of Catastrophic Collisions
  • Families beyond the Main Belt
  • New Results in Asteroid Family Science
  • A Look Forward: Predictions for the Future




Abstract list for FM1
Poster list for FM1

Tuesday, 28. Aug.

A Look Back: The History of Asteroid Families (before Yarkovsky) and Families in the Era of the Yarkovsky Effect
room: F1
10:30 - Yoshida, Seiko (The Life and Research of Hirayama Kiyotsugu)
10:50 - Kneževic, Zoran (The History of Asteroid Family Identification)
11:10 - Jenniskens, Peter (Review of asteroid family and meteorite type links)
11:20 - Dermott, Stanley (The common origin of family and non-family asteroids)
11:30 - Spoto, Federica ( The Ages of Asteroid Families)
11:50 - Todorovic, Natasa (Mapping of the asteroid families)

Families in the Era of the Yarkovsky Effect
room: F1
13:30 - Bolin, Bryce (Identification of asteroid families older than 2 billion years)
13:40 - Carruba, Valerio (The ages of young asteroid families)
13:50 - Rosaev, Alexey (The system of modified proper elements for the study of very young asteroid families and pairs)
14:00 - Kuznetsov, Eduard (Dynamical evolution of asteroid pairs on close orbits)
14:10 - Durech, Josef (Spin-axis distribution of members of asteroid families)
14:20 - Golubov, Oleksiy (YORP equilibria: pathways out of YORP cycles)
14:30 - Poster Session

Families as a Probe of Catastrophic Collisions
room: F1
15:30 - Cotto-Figueroa, Desiree (Asteroid Fragmentation as revealed by Families)
15:50 - Jutzi, Martin (Modeling of Family-Forming Impacts)
16:10 - Milani comparetti, Andrea (Cratering families: identification and collisional models)
16:20 - Sugiura, Keisuke (Numerical Simulations of Catastrophic Impacts Resolving Shapes of Remnants)
16:30 - Drahus, Michal (Formation of families of small asteroids in light of latest research on the active asteroid P/2012 F5)
16:40 - Michel, Patrick (Collisions, reaccumulations and asteroid families: tracking shapes and spins)
16:50 - Poster Session


Wednesday, 29. Aug.

Families Beyond the Main Belt
room: F1
10:30 - Vinogradova, Tamara (Families among the Hildas and Jupiter Trojans)
10:50 - Licandro, Javier (Families among the TNOs)
11:10 - Ragozzine, Darin (Families in the Outer Solar System)
11:20 - Polishook, David (New spectra for the Eureka family’s smaller members)
11:30 - Christou, Apostolos (The Martian Trojans and the nearest asteroid family to the Sun)
11:40 - Jopek, Tadeusz (The Near Earth Asteroid associations)
11:50 - Granvik, Mikael (Asteroid families formed by tidal destruction of near-Earth asteroids?)

Families Beyond the Main Belt and New Results in Asteroid Family Science
room: F1
13:30 - Holt, Timothy (Cladistics as a tool in Asteroid Taxonomy)
13:40 - Oszkiewicz, Dagmara (Differentiation Signatures among Asteroid Families)
14:00 - Kazantsev, Anatolii (Recent Results in Family Identification)
14:20 - Morate, David (Color study of asteroid families within the MOVIS catalog)
14:30 - Plávalová, Eva (The method of relative velocity calculation for the study of very young asteroid families and pairs)
14:40 - Slyusarev, Ivan (Are large main belt asteroid families homogeneus?)
14:50 - Yoshida, Fumi (Multi-band photometry of young family asteroids at Maidanak Observatory)

New Results in Asteroid Family Science and A Look Forward: Predictions for the Future
room: F1
15:30 - Broz, Miroslav (Julia asteroid family versus adaptive-optics observations of (89) Julia)
15:40 - Pravec, Petr (Young asteroid clusters and their relation to asteroid pairs)
15:50 - Kim, Myung-Jin (KEEP-North: Photometric observations of the Baptistina asteroid family)
16:00 - Belskaya, Irina (Extremely dark asteroids linked to asteroid families)
16:10 - Penttilä, Antti (Asteroid classification in the Bus-DeMeo taxonomy with limited wavelength range)
16:20 - de Leon, Julia (PRIMitive Asteroids Spectroscopic Survey – PRIMASS: Current Status)
16:30 - Masiero, Joseph (Asteroid families and the next generation surveys)
16:40 - Bottke, William (Asteroid Family-Forming Events and Their Connections to Impact Showers)



  • Joe Masiero (Chair) - Pasadena, USA
  • Miroslav Broz - Prague, Czechia
  • Valerio Carruba - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Alberto Cellino - Pino Torinese, Italy
  • Julia de Leon - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Patrick Michel - Nice, France
  • David Nesvorny - Boulder, USA
  • Noemi Pinilla-Alonso - Orlando, USA
  • Federica Spoto - Nice, France
  • David Vokrouhlicky - Prague, Czechia
  • Funi Yoshida - Kobe, Japan



Joseph Masiero 


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