IAU Focus Meeting FM12: Calibration and
Standardization Issues in UV-VIS-IR Astronomy

August 22 – 23, 2018

Scientific Rationale:

This focus meeting aims to bring together active researchers to discuss recent advances in the area of calibrations and standardization, to share successes and failures, and to foster a community of support in solving the challenging problems of calibration and standardization common to many different projects for which accurate and precise calibration and standards are vital to their success. This is a cross-disciplinary topic of impact on stellar physics, galactic and extragalactic astrophysics, solar physics; solar system among others fields, and involves instrumentation, observational techniques (photometry, spectroscopy, polarimetry) and multi-wavelength domain.

This Focus Meeting’s goals are to provide a global, in-depth overview and documentation on the current state of the science of calibration in this critical area of modern astronomy. Many individual missions/facilities hold periodic calibration workshops or conferences, however these are by necessity focused on the specific needs of their projects. Discussions on worldwide efforts to establish new standard sources, or on standard software package in central location to be used by many astronomers, rather than individual software packages on individual computers, or on data format standards, or the synergies between projects need a worldwide framework well provided by an IAU GA.



  • Minimum standards for spectrophotometric calibration in the UV, visible and IR
  • Complex issues such as cross instrument and cross survey calibration
  • Establishing faint, SI-traceable spectrophotometric and polarimetric standards
  • SI-traceable characterization of research instrumentation (ground and space)
  • Calibration of complex spectroscopic systems
  • Progress in stellar properties and atmosphere models for calibration work
  • Data management with large datasets and surveys
  • Calibration and standardization of solar-type analogues and twins
  • Radial velocity standards and wavelength calibration






Abstract list for FM12
Poster list for FM12

Wednesday, 22. Aug.

Spectrophotometric Flux Standards in the UV-VIS-IR
room: N
13:30 - Fukugita, Masataka (Discovery of 17 stars showing black body spectra from UV to the z band within 1%)
13:50 - Bohlin, Ralph (CALSPEC: HST Spectrophotometric Flux Standards from 0.115 to 30 µm)
14:10 - Suzuki, Nao (Perfect Blackbody Spectra for Next Generation UV-Opt-IR Standard Star Network)
14:25 - Deustua, Susana (Absolute Spectral Calibration of Vega and Sirius)
14:45 - Betoule, Marc (StarDICE: An artificial star for absolute broadband flux calibration)

Improvement of UV-VIS-IR Absolute Flux Calibration
room: N
15:30 - Snow, Martin (Calibration techniques for solar spectral irradiance (SSI) instruments)
16:00 - Allende Prieto, Carlos (Strategies for flux calibration in massive spectroscopic surveys)
16:15 - Shah, Priya (Standardization in the UV with Astrosat and its issues related to star cluster studies)
16:30 - De Rosa, Gisella (FUV Spectrophotometry with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph)
16:45 - Saha, Abhijit (A network of faint DA White Dwarfs as Spectrophotometric Standards)


Thursday, 23. Aug.

Synthetic (Stellar) Libraries
room: N
08:30 - Heiter, Urike (Atomic data for stellar spectroscopy)
09:00 - Peterson, Ruth (Prospects for a UV High-Resolution Theoretical Stellar Spectral Library for Old Stellar Systems)
09:15 - Chiavassa, Andrea (The Stagger-grid: synthetic spectra and broad-band photometry with 3D model stellar atmospheres across the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram)
09:30 - Chilingarian, Igor (Las Campanas Stellar Library)
09:45 - Casagrande, Luca (All sky photometric zero-points from stellar effective temperatures)

Benchmark Stars for Spectroscopy, radial velocity and exoplanets
room: N
10:30 - Quirrenbach, Andreas (Radial Velocity Measurements with m/s Precision in the Visible and Near-IR)  
11:00 - Rukdee, Surangkhana (EXOFIND: RV fitting with stellar activity and reliable Bayesian model comparison)
11:15 - Jones, Amy (Towards a better scattered moonlight model and aerosol extinction determination at Cerro Paranal)
11:30 - Brown, Michael (Precise measurements of galaxy spectral energy distributions)

Transformation / Calibration across Instruments and Surveys
room: N
13:30 - Evans, Dafydd (Gaia Photometric Catalogue: the calibration of the DR2 photometry)
14:00 - Wolf, Christian (The SkyMapper Southern Survey and its calibration)
14:15 - Sylvia Baggett (Calibration Strategies for the Hubble Space Telescope Wide-field Channel 3 IR detector)
14:30 - Smith, J. Allyn (Photometric Calibration of the Dark Energy Survey)
14:45 - Jordi, Carme (Passband reconstruction from photometry)

Instrument Characterization: System Response, Wavelength Calibration, Detector Effects, New Technologies
room: N
15:30 - Coughlin, Michael (LSST's Prototype Collimated Beam Projector)
15:45 - Casertano, Stefano (Calibration Challenges for WFIRST)
16:00 - Mondrik, Nicholas (Closing the Photometric Loop: Estimating top-of-atmosphere fluxes from ground based telescopes)
16:15 - Round Table



  • J. Allyn Smith (USA) co-Chair (M) – Clarksville, TN, USA
  • Carme Jordi (Spain) co-Chair (F) – Barcelona, Spain
  • Luca Casagrande (Australia) (M) – Canberra, Australia
  • Susana Deustua (USA) (F) – Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Mamoru Doi (Japan) (M) – Tokyo, Japan
  • Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez (UK) (M) – Cambridge, England
  • A-Li Lou (China) (M) – Beijing, China
  • Elena Pancino (Italy) (F) – Firenze, Italy
  • Nicolas Regnault (France) (M) – Paris, France
  • William Schuster (Mexico) (M) – Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
  • Alain Smette (ESO, Chile) (M) – Santiago, Chile
  • Peter Stetson (Canada) (M) – Victoria BC, CanadaMedium
  • Nicole van der Bliek (Chile) (F) – La Serena, Chile
  • Stefanie Wachter (MPIA, Germany) (F) – Heidelberg, Germany
  • Christian Wolf (Australia) (M) – Canberra, Australia
  • Erik Richard (USA) (M) – Boulder, CO, USA



J. Allyn Smith 


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