IAU Symposium 343:
Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars:
A Continuing Challenge through Cosmic Time

August 20 – 23, 2018



Scientific Rationale:

The symposium aims to build a bridge between research on Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars themselves and its application to the modelling of stellar populations and the chemical evolution of galaxies and the Universe as a whole. Current developments and challenges seen from both domains will be discussed to reach an understanding of possibilities, limitations, and needs in both areas, and hence to improve our understanding of the role of AGB stars in the context of galaxies over cosmic time. Despite the fact that major efforts have being carried out on both observational and theoretical grounds in recent years, our knowledge of AGB stars is still deficient due to uncertainties related to mass loss, convection, mixing, dredge-up efficiencies, and the role of binary interaction processes in many observed phenomena. These uncertainties in our understanding of AGB stars directly propagate into the field of extragalactic astronomy, where they affect critically the interpretation of galaxy properties, e.g. stellar masses, ages, and the chemical evolution. The complexity of the objects also makes it difficult for individual researchers to master all aspects of their role as galaxy inhabitants, a problem that the proposed symposium aims to illuminate and overcome. New and upcoming major observational facilities like ALMA, Gaia, JWST, LSST, SKA, and the ELTs will provide exciting opportunities to tackle these challenges from the observational side, stretching from the detailed study of individual objects that are spatially resolved to AGB populations in distant galaxies. At the same time, thanks to high-performance computing, 3D modelling of stellar interiors is starting to become feasible, propelling us toward a better understanding of the uncertainties related to the physics of AGB stars. This makes it particularly important to outline a strategic programme of combined theoretical and observational activities at this time.


  • Stellar structure and evolution to, on, and past the AGB
  • Nucleosynthesis, mixing and rotation  
  • Basic ingredients for modelling AGB stars 
  • Pulsation, dynamical atmospheres and dust formation  
  • Physics of circumstellar envelopes of AGB stars and their progeny, planetary nebulae  
  • Binarity, planets and disks  
  • AGB stars in the cosmic matter cycle  
  • Resolved and unresolved AGB populations in stellar systems  
  • Galaxy evolution, including the first AGB stars  
  • New and future observational perspectives



Abstract list of IAUS343
Poster list for IAUS343

Monday, 20. Aug.

Stellar structure and evolution to, on and past the AGB
room: E1
10:30 - Welcome
10:45 - Lattanzio, John (Structure and evolution of AGB stars: remaining challenges)
11:10 - Freytag, Bernd (3D-modelling of AGB stars)
11:35 - Vlemmings, Wouter (Magnetic fields of AGB and post-AGB stars)

New and future observational perspectives
room: E1
13:30 - Paladini, Claudia (Constraining convection across the AGB with high-angular-resolution observations)
13:45 - Khouri, Theo (High-resolution observations of AGB stars with ALMA and SPHERE: imaging the stars. the gas, and the dust)
14:00 - Doherty, Carolyn (Hiding in plain sight? The search for the elusive super-AGB stars)
14:15 - Miller Bertolami, Marcelo (Evolutionary time scales from AGB to PNe)
14:40 - Shetye, Shreeya (Determining the luminosity of the third dredge-up via S-type stars: the promise of Gaia)


Tuesday, 21. Aug.

Plenary Session
Lecture Hall A
08:30 - Tolstoy, Eline (Resolved stellar populations: the outlook for JWST and ELT)
09:15 - Karakas, Amanda (Nucleosynthesis in stars: Origin of the heaviest elements)

New and future observational perspectives

Pulsation, dynamical atmospheres, and dust formation
room: E1
10:30 - Cseh, Borbála (The composition of barium stars and the s-process in AGB stars)
10:45 - Aringer, Bernhard (Abundances of C, N and O in AGB stars and model atmospheres)
11:00 - Ivezic, Zeljko (LSST: making movies of AGB stars)
11:25 - Lebzelter, Thomas (AGB stars in Gaia Data Release 2 )
11:40 - Boulangier, Jels (Dynamics, temperature, chemistry, and dust: ingredients for a self-consistent AGB wind)

Pulsation, dynamical atmospheres, and dust formation
room: E1
13:30 - Bladh, Sara (The evolution of DARWIN - the current status of wind models for AGB stars)
13:55 - Kaminski, Tomasz (Molecular dust precursors in envelopes of oxygen-rich AGB stars and supergiants)
14:20 - Gobrecht, David (On the onset of dust formation in AGB stars)
14:45 - Takigawa, Aki (Dust formation around aluminum oxide-rich AGB stars: condensation experiments in the Al-Si-O system)


Wednesday, 22. Aug.

Circumstellar envelopes of AGB stars and their progeny, planetary nebulae
room: E1
10:30 - Liljegren, Sofie (Lumpy stars and bumpy winds)
10:45 - Lagadec, Eric (Circumstellar dust, interferometry, and resolved circumstellar envelopes)
11:10 - Ramstedt, Sofia (The mass-loss characteristics of AGB stars, an observational view)
11:35 - Suh, Kyung-Won (Circumstellar dust, IR spectroscopy, mineralogy)

Circumstellar envelopes of AGB stars and their progeny, planetary nebulae
room: E1
13:30 - Dharmawardena, Thavisha (Extended dust emission from nearby AGB stars)
13:45 - DIAZ-LUIS, JOSE JAIRO (On the circumstellar envelopes of semi-regular long-period variables)
14:00 - Saberi, Maryam (The impact of UV radiation on the circumstellar chemistry)
14:15 - Sahai, Raghvendra (Planetary nebulae, morphology and binarity, and the relevance to AGB stars)
14:40 - Lim, Jeremy (A though egg to crack)

Binarity, planets, and disks
room: E1
15:30 - Stanghellini, Letizia (Planetary nebulae in the (extra-)galactic context)
15:55 - Bhattacharya, Souradeep (Newly discovered PNe population in Andromeda (M31): PN luminosity function and implications for the late stages of stellar evolution)
16:10 - Kamath, Devika (Post-AGB and post-RGB stars as tracers of binary evolution)
16:35 - De Marco, Orsola (AGB stars in binaries: common envelope evolution)


Thursday, 23. Aug.

AGB stars in the cosmic matter cycle
room: E1
08:30 - Oomen, Glenn-Michael (Investigating orbital and chemical properties of Galactic post-AGB binaries)
08:45 - Chamandy, Luke (Common-envelope evolution and the role of accretion)
09:00 - Santander-García, Miguel (The missing-mass conundrum of post-common-envelope PNe)
09:15 - Kobayashi, Chiaki (The role of AGB stars in Galactic and cosmic chemical enrichment)
09:40 - Arentsen, Anke (Chemistry and binarity in the early Universe: what is the role of metal-poor AGB stars?)

Resolved and unresolved AGB populations
room: E1
10:30 - Zhukovska, Svitlana (AGB stars and the cosmic dust cycle: a probe of galactic evolution)
10:55 - Pastorelli, Giada (Calibrating TP-AGB stellar models and chemical yields through resolved stellar populations in the SMC)
11:10 - Whitelock, Patricia (AGB variables in nearby galaxies)
11:35 - Javadi, Atefeh (AGB population as probes of galaxy structure and evolution)

Resolved and unresolved AGB populations 

room: E1

13:30 - Trabucchi, Michele (Characterisation of long-period variables in the Magellanic Clouds)
13:45 - Sloan, G.C. (The end: Watching the death of extreme carbon stars in the LMC)
14:00 - Lancon, Ariane (O-rich LPVs in the X-shooter Spectral Library)
14:15 - Ventura, Paolo (The role of AGB stars in the evolution of globular clusters)
14:40 - D'Antona, Francesca (What young massive clusters in the Magellanic Clouds teach us about old Galactic globular clusters)

Galaxy evolution, incl. the first AGB stars
room: E1
15:30 - Boyer, Martha (The impact of AGB stars on galaxies)
15:55 - Vincenzo, Fiorenzo (On the origin of N in galaxies with galaxy evolution models)
16:10 - Bruzual, Gustavo (The role of TP-AGB and post-AGB stars in stellar population galaxy models)
16:25 - Sjouwerman, Lorant (SiO masers in thousands of AGB stars in the Galaxy)
16:40 - The end



  • Boyer Martha - Baltimore, USA
  • Groenewegen Martin - Brussels, Belgium
  • Höfner Susanne - Uppsala, Sweden
  • Javadi Atefeh - Tehran, Iran
  • Kemper Ciska - Taipei, Taiwan
  • KERSCHBAUM FRANZ (co-chair) - Vienna, Austria
  • Lugaro Maria - Budapest, Hungary
  • Maraston Claudia - Portsmouth, UK
  • MARIGO PAOLA (co-chair) - Padua, Italy
  • Mohamed Shazrene - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Ohnaka Keiichi - Antofagasta, Chile
  • OLOFSSON HANS (chair) - Göteborg, Sweden
  • Speck Angela - Columbia, USA
  • Van Winckel Hans - Leuven, Belgium
  • Wood Peter - Canberra, Australia
  • Zijlstra Albert - Manchester, UK



Franz Kerschbaum 


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