IAU Symposium 344:
Dwarf Galaxies: From the Deep Universe
to the Present

August 20 – 24, 2018

Scientific Rationale:

Dwarf galaxies are key tools for understanding structure formation and galaxy evolution across cosmic time. These low-mass systems allow us to not only gain a detailed understanding of stellar, chemical, and dynamical properties in the nearby universe, they also provide a unique window into the complex physics of the early universe. We are in an era where increasingly powerful observing facilities and simulations are inspiring new studies of the building blocks of structure at all epochs of the universe. This timely Symposium will bring together the broad dwarf galaxy community, with expertise ranging from local dwarf galaxies to massive star formation in low-metallicity environments, from simulations of feedback in a cosmological context to observations of the faint-end of the luminosity function at high redshift. The presentations and discussion sessions will focus on addressing major outstanding questions in galaxy formation, assembly, and evolution, and will strive to connect the many varied aspects of dwarf galaxies into a cohesive picture. With an eye to the future, the Symposium will facilitate a conversation about the challenges and opportunities presented by new and forthcoming facilities (e.g., JWST, SKA precursor and JVLA surveys, IFU surveys, E-ELT, GMT, TMT, LSST, full ALMA, and GAIA) and lay the groundwork for future cross over between these efforts and chemo-dynamical simulations. 


  • Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
  • The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in Dwarfs
  • Metallicity, Massive Stars, and Chemical Evolution
  • The Dwarf Galaxy – Environment Connection
  • Low-Mass Galaxies at High Redshift
  • Dwarfs as Cosmological Probes  


Abstract list for IAUS344
Poster list for IAUS344

Monday, 20. Aug.

Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
room: B
10:30 - Sabrina Stierwalt and Kristen McQuinn (Opening Remarks)
10:35 - Cole, Andrew (Local Group Dwarf Galaxies)
11:05 - monelli, matteo (Star Formation Histories from CMDs reaching the oldest MS turnoffs: from UFDs to the Magellanic Clouds)
11:25 - Sbordone, Luca (A wide angle chemical survey of the Sag dSph galaxy)
11:45 - Poster Flash Talks (Bi-Qing For, Tony Sohn, Kristen McQuinn, Baerbel Koribalski, Janice Lee, Gustavo Bruzual, Mario Gennaro, Takashi Shimonishi)

Local Group Dwarf Galaxies; Metallicity, Massive Stars, and Chemical Evolution
room: B
13:30 - Du, Cuihua (The merger debris of dwarf galaxies in the local stellar halo)
13:50 - Fattahi, Azadeh (On the tidal stripping of LG dwarf galaxies and the origin of their stellar mass-velocity dispersion relation)
14:10 - Jerjen, Helmut (The true nature of the ultra-faint stellar systems in the Milky Way halo)
14:30 - Gonçalves, Denise R. (What do planetary nebula and HII regions reveal about the chemical evolution of nearby dwarf galaxies?)


Tuesday, 21. Aug.

Metallicity, Massive Stars, and Chemical Evolution
room: B
10:30 - Ekström, Sylvia (Massive stars as drivers for the chemical enrichment of dwarf galaxies)
11:00 - Steyrleithner, Patrick (SF at low rates: how a lack of massive stars may impact stellar feedback and the evolution of dwarf galaxies)
11:20 - Tanaka, Kei (Multiple feedback in low-metallicity massive star formation)
11:40 - Hu, Chia-Yu (Supernova-driven winds in simulated dwarf galaxies)

Metallicity, Massive Stars, and Chemical Evolution; Interstellar Medium and Star Formation
room: B
13:30 - Nishimura, Yuri (Molecular composition of local dwarf galaxies: Astrochemistry in low-metallicity environments)
13:50 - Wofford, Aida (Stars and gas in the most metal-poor galaxies: SBS 0335-052E)
14:10 - Madden, Suzanne (Overview of the ISM properties of dwarf galaxies: consequences of the low metallicity and SF activity)
14:40 - Shi, Yong (Molecular gas at extremely low metallicity)


Wednesday, 22. Aug.

Interstellar Medium and Star Formation
room: B
10:30 - Bolatto, Alberto (The interstellar medium and star formation in dwarf galaxies)
11:00 - Lebouteiller, Vianney (SF and molecular gas in extremely metal-poor galaxies: Insights from the thermal balance in the neutral gas)
11:20 - Heesen, Volker (Stellar feedback in dwarf irregular galaxies traced with radio continuum observations)
11:40 - Poster Flash Talks (Alec Hirschauer, Matthias Kühtreiber, Oleg Egorov, Gerhardt Meurer, Miriam Garcia, Anton Afanasiev, Evgeniya Egorova, Simon Pustilnik, Aku Venhola, Reynier Peletier, Thomas Puzia)

The Dwarf Galaxy - Environment Connection
room: B
13:30 - Grossi, Marco (Evolution of star-forming dwarf galaxies in different environments)
14:00 -Taylor, Matthew (A Newly Discovered Reservoir of Dwarf Galaxies in the Centaurus A Group)
14:20 - Penny, Samantha (Uncovering dwarf elliptical evolution through spatially resolved spectroscopy)
14:40 - Menéndez-Delmestre, Karín (Mass distribution in stellar structures of local dwarfs)

The Dwarf Galaxy - Environment Connection
room: B
15:30 - Carignan, Claude (Cosmic Web Research: Where are the missing dwarf galaxies & the inter-galactic HI clouds)
16:00 - Spekkens, Kristine (Gas-rich dwarfs as UD Galaxy Progenitors: Constraining formation models with deep HI observations)
16:20 - Kurapati, Sushma (Angular momentum of dwarf galaxies)
16:40 - Chatterjee, Shami (The dwarf galaxy host of a repeating fast radio burst)


Thursday, 23. Aug.

Low-Mass Galaxies at High Redshift
room: B
08:30 - Kong, Xu (Dwarf galaxies at low and high redshift)
09:00 - Urrutia, Tanya (Star-forming dwarf field galaxies found in the MUSE-Wide Survey)
09:20 - Atek, Hakim (The role of dwarf galaxies from the peak epoch of cosmic star formation to the epoch of reionization)
 09:50 - Poster Flash Talks (Sabrina Stierwalt, Chengze Liu, Yuichi Harikane, Oliver Newton, Raffaele Pascale

Low-Mass Galaxies at High Redshift; Dwarfs as Cosmological Probes
room: B
13:30 - Fruchter, Andrew (Dwarf galaxies and the most energetic stellar explosions)
13:50 - Wyithe, Stuart (Dwarf galaxies during reionization)
14:10 - Brooks, Alyson (How do galaxies populate low mass halos?)
14:40 - Adams, Elizabeth (The dwarf galaxy population as revealed by ALFALFA)

Dwarfs as Cosmological Probes
room: B
15:30 - Navarro, Julio (The cosmological formation of dwarf galaxies)
16:00 - Müller, Oliver (A whirling plane of satellite galaxies around Centaurus A challenges CDM cosmology)
16:20 - Santos-Santos, Isabel (Understanding the emergence of a plane of satellites around the Milky Way)
16:40 - Ceverino, Daniel (Simulations at the dwarf scale: from violent dwarfs at cosmic dawn and cosmic noon to quiet discs today)


Friday, 24. Aug.

Plenary Session
Lecture Hall A
08:30 - Sales, Laura (The Future of Dwarf Galaxy Research: What Simulations will Predict)
09:15 - Haynes, Martha (The Future of Dwarf Galaxy Research: What Telescopes will Discover)


  • Kristen McQuinn, University of Texas, USA (co-chair)
  • Sabrina Stierwalt, IPAC, California Institute of Technology, USA (co-chair)
  • Romeel Davé, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland (co-chair)
  • Elias Brinks, University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Chris Evans, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh, UK
  • Miriam Garcia, Centro de Astrobiología, Spain
  • Gerhard Hensler, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Claudia Lagos, University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Janice Lee, IPAC, California Institute of Technology, USA
  • Masami Ouchi, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Monica Rubio, Universidad de Chile, Chile
  • Yong Shi, Nanjing University, China



Romeel Davé 

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