IAU Symposium 347:
Early Science with ELTs (EASE)

August 28 – 31, 2018

Scientific Rationale:

The Symposium we plan to organize will summarize the current status of Extremely Large Telescopes (ELT, GMT, TMT), their instrumentation and the planned early science. Emphasis will be given to the key role that different flavors of Adaptive Optics systems are going to play during operations (GLAO, SCAO, MCAO, MOAO).

Moreover, we will discuss the impact that near future ground-based and space observing facilities will have on several long-standing Astrophysical problems, ranging from the characterization of extrasolar planets to resolved and unresolved stellar populations, to galaxy formation and evolution, to fundamental constants and to reionisation and cosmology.

Special attention would be given to the synergy with observing facilities operating in different wavelength regimes. Finally, we also plan to organize, during the Symposium, a one-day Teacher Training Workshop. Moreover, we also plan to organize – the week after the IAU GA – an International School for Master/PhD students and for young researchers focussed on current and future observing facilities.


  • ELTs in context Characterization of Earth-like planets
  • The Galactic super-massive black hole
  • The Galactic Bulge and the Nuclear Bulge
  • Chemical enrichment and galactic archeology
  • Resolved Stellar Populations and the nearby Universe
  • Galaxy formation and evolution Inter galactic medium and reionisation
  • Fundamental constants and cosmology




Abstract list for IAUS347
Poster list for IAUS347

Tuesday, 28. Aug.

Plenary Session
Lecture Hall A
08:30 - R. Gilmozzi (ELTs: past, present and future)
09:00 - J. Lotz (Galaxy evolution with the new giant telescopes)
09:30 - G. Bono (Stellar physics and chemistry in the ELT era & ELTs)

ELTs: the current status; ELTs in context with ground & space facilities
room: E1
10:30 - M. Cirasuolo (Progress status of ELT)
10:50 - C. Dumas (Progress status of TMT)
11:10 - P. McCarthy (Progress status of GMT)
11:30 - Thévenin, Frédéric (Gaia & ELTs: quantitative stellar astrophysics)
11:50 - Marconi, Marcella (The theoretical scenario to interpret RR Lyrae stars observed by E-ELT)

ELTs in context with ground & space facilities
room: B
15:30 - Carignan, Claude (SKA & ELTs: Early Universe)
15:50 - M. Juric (LSST & ELTs: Time Domain)
16:10 - Colless, Matthew (Key early science programs with MANIFEST on GMT)
16:25 - Strassmeier, Klaus (Stars and exoplanets in full Stokes IQUV)
16:40 - Leschinski, Kieran (Simulating imagery of the near and distant universe with MICADO at the ELT)
16:55 - Poster Session


Wednesday, 29. Aug.

ELTs: extrasolar planets
room: E1
10:30 - G. Chauvin (Direct imaging)
10:50 - Palle, Enric (Astrobiology)
11:10 - Rodler, Florian (2024+: Characterizing Exoplanets in the Era of ESO’s 39m ELT)
11:25 - Berdyugina, Svetlana (Characterization of Earth-like planets with the Exoplanet Surface Imaging (EPSI) technique)
11:40 - Yasui, Chikako (A spatially-resolved study of star and planet formation in Local Group galxies)
11:55 - Poster Session


Thursday, 30. Aug.

ELTs: from planets to stars
room: E1
08:30 - Bayo, Amelia (Brown dwarfs in context)
08:50 - V. D’Orazi (AO assisted NIR spectroscopy: from old AGB stars to young sub-stellar objects)
09:05 - Alves, João (The Initial Mass Function in the ELT era)
09:20 - Shah, Priya (Kinematics and Dynamics of Young Star Clusters with TMT)
09:35 - Augustin, Ramona (Observing the CGM with ELT/HARMONI)
09:50 - monelli, matteo (Crowded field photometry with MCAO systems)

ELTs: Stellar populations
room: E1
10:30 - E. Valenti (Galactic Bulge)
10:50 - Fiorentino, Giuliana (Stellar populations in LG/LV galaxies)
11:10 - Bhardwaj, A. (Time-series analyses of Cepheid and RR Lyrae variables in the wide-field variability surveys)
11:25 - Gonzalez, Oscar (From the inner Milky Way to Local Volume galaxies: resolved stellar populations with ELT-HARMONI)
11:40 - Ripepi, Vincenzo (The Near-Infrared Cepheid distance scale based on VMC and Gaia data: a baseline for ELT observations)
11:55 - Poster Session

ELTs: Resolved stellar populations
room: E1
13:30 - Kudritzki, Rolf (Abundances in nearby galaxies)
13:50 - Matsunaga, Noriyuki (Galactic center)
14:10 - Kewley, Lisa (ISM conditions in distant galaxies)
14:30 - Evans, Chris (Spectroscopy of extragalactic massive stars with the ELT)
14:45 - Inno, Laura (Cepheids with MICADO@E-ELT: A 2-steps cosmic distance scale)


Friday, 31. Aug.

ELTs: Galaxy evolution and AGN
room: E1
08:30 - Pena, Miriam (Planetary Nebulae in the nearby Universe)
08:50 - Gallagher, Sarah (AGNs)
09:10 - Lopez Rodriguez, Enrique (Resolving the dusty torus of AGNs with ELTs)
09:25 - Ilic, Dragana (Reverberation mapping and the broad-line region of AGN in the ELT era)
09:40 - Kodama, Tadayuki (Galaxy evolution in clusters)

ELTs: Early Universe
room: E1
10:30 - Pentericci, Laura (Reionisation)
10:50 - Bunker, Andrew (Galaxies in the epoch of reionization: the high redshift Universe with ELTs and JWST)
11:05 - Hammer, Francois (MOSAIC at the ELT: A Gigantic Step into the Deep Universe)
11:20 - Ziegler, Bodo (ELT/MOSAIC survey of dynamical and stellar properties of galaxies at z=1)
11:35 - Nanayakkara, Themiya (Hunting for the first stars: Demystifying the mystery of He II with ELTs)
11:50 - K. Grisdale (Observing Pop. III Stars with HARMONI and the E-ELT)

ELTs: Transients and extreme events
room: E1
13:30 - Suzuki, Nao (high-z SN surveys)
13:50 - Maguire, Kate (Supernovae)
14:10 - P. Groot (Gravitational wave astronomy)
14:30 - A. Monreal Ibero (Simulation of QSO observations with HARMONI)
14:45 - TBD (Last minute breaking news)

ELTs: Fundamental constants and Cosmology
room: E1
15:30 - Martins, Carlos (Cosmology the theoretical side)
15:50 - R. Beaton (Cosmic Distance Scale)
16:10 - J. Webb (Cosmology the observational side)
16:30 - Noterdaeme, Pasquier (Measurements of the CMB temperature)
16:50 - Leite, Ana Catarina (Fundamental physics constraints from testing the stability of the fine-structure constant with the ELTs)



  • Giuseppe Bono, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy (co-chair)
  • Michele Cirasuolo, European Southern Observatory (co-chair)
  • Norbert Przybilla, University of Innsbruck, Austria (co-chair)
  • Beatriz Barbuy, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Annalisa Calamida, Space Telescope Science Institute, USA
  • Jordi Cepa, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Spain
  • Isobel Hook, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • Tom Herbst, Max Plank Institute for Astronomy, Germany
  • Eva Lokas, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw, Poland
  • Christoph Keller, Leiden Observatory, Netherlands
  • Naoto Kobayashi, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Carlos Martins, University of Porto, Portugal
  • Maria Messineo, Univ. of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China
  • Karen Pollard, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Patricia Whitelock, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Manuela Zoccali, Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile



Giuseppe Bono 


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