ESO Reflex Demonstration

ESO offers data reduction pipelines for most of its VLT instruments. These pipelines are used in a variety of contexts during operation of the instruments, including quality control and data reduction of the ESO archive. The pipelines are also widely used for customized desktop data reduction by individual scientists.

Recently, ESO begun to offer the Reflex environment – a scientific workflow system that graphically renders the data reduction cascade of ESO pipeline and allows their easy execution. Raw data as well as intermediate and final data products are automatically organized, and data seamlessly flow from one processing step to the next. Customized graphical display allows interaction at predefined steps of the data reduction.

ESO will offer a Reflex demo exhibit for the entire duration of IAU XXXth GA in an effort to familiarize users with the concepts and methods used by Reflex. Advanced user can learn about little known and new features. As a part of the exhibit, we will:

  • present Reflex,
  • show some examples of Reflex workflows,
  • demonstrate how workflows can be modified and customized by users,
  • answer user questions.

We will also offer limited help with specific data reduction problems. We encourage current and potential users to contact us via the ESO User Support Department <usd-help @> to set up appointments in advance, especially for the cases that involve computationally intensive data reduction processes, due to the limited computational power on site.






















XXX IAU General Assembly | ACV - Austria Center Vienna  | Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1  | 1220 Vienna