Astronomy Outreach

Probing the Universe with Hubble Space Telescope

Public talk at the Austrian Academy of Sciences on August 24th, 2018 at 7 p.m. by Prof. Dr. Robert Williams - Space Telescope Science Institute & Distinguished Osterbrock Professor - University of California-Santa Cruz

Abstract: In orbit for 28 years Hubble Space Telescope continues to operate at peak performance. Its unique characteristics enable it to study the distant, early universe revealing how physical laws have driven the evolution of the major constituents of the cosmos. We will focus on how deep surveys of the sky have led us to understand how the universe evolved to its current state and what is projected for its future.

Vienna University Observatory

During the IAU GA, the historical building of the Vienna University Observatory will be open to interested conference participants. The Observatory harbours, among other treasures, astronomical literature dating back to the 15th-18th centuries and a 27 inch refractor, manufactured by Howard Grubb in Dublin - an instrument that used to be the world's largest refracting telescope for several years. Participation in these guided tours will be upon on-site registration at the conference venue. Note that the University Observatory is located in the 18th district of Vienna at the address: Türkenschanzstrasse 17, 1180 Wien. Our pre-defined guided tours will take place between 8-11 PM on: 

Wed, 22nd Aug.Fri, 24th Aug.Mon, 27th Aug.Fri, 31st Aug.

Natural History Museum

As a special offer, the Natural History Museum, harbouring e.g. the world-largest meteorite collection, invites GA 2018 participants and their families to visit this imperial building from the 19th century and its famous exhibitions for half of the regular admission fee (show your badge!). Moreover, from July to September 2018 the NHM will host the ESA/HST exhibition "Our Place in Space", a fusion of HST images with Austrian arts. 

Opening hours:
Thursday-Monday: 09:00 - 18:30 
Wednesday: 09:00 - 21:00
Tuesday: closed 
last entrance half an hour before closing time

Astronomy Youth Day

The “Astronomy Youth Day” will take place on August 31st, 2018, at the IAU 2018 in Vienna. From 9 am to 7 pm, workshops and lectures will be held in German about a variety of astronomical topics and about studying astronomy in Vienna. This is a great opportunity for students between the ages of 16 and 20 to learn about various aspects of modern astronomy and to meet students and scientists from different astronomical areas of expertise. We ask that those who wish to participate send a short registration email with their name, age, experience and, optionally, wishes for workshop topics as well as information about special nutritional needs or food allergies to the following address: To help cover the cost of food and drink during the workshop day, we ask for a donation of 10€ per participant. Details about this as well as the full schedule will be sent via email after the registration information is received.

Kuffner Observatory

Escape the heat of the city and relax in the Kuffner-Observatory's shady and cool garden after a long GA day. Admire the authentic and intact 19th century observatory founded in 1884 by Jewish entrepreneur, beer-brewer and mountaineer Moriz von Kuffner. For more Information about the Kuffner Observatory and special excursions like "The Großmugl Milky-Way Express " or "The Starlight Alp" click HERE. 

(c)Linz Tourismus, EGoldmann

Linz – Kepler Day Trip

Linz is a symbiosis as a city of industry, culture and nature, and an international, contemporary Creative City – surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. We will walk on the steps of Kepler. The protestant council of Upper Austria offered Johannes Kepler a special job in Linz. After the death of Emperor Rudolf II and the death of his wife, Kepler moved from Prague to Linz in 1612. In Linz he wrote revolutionary works. They are milestones of astronomy and mathematics. 400 years ago, Kepler discovered his third law. The residential building in Linz, where he lived at this time, was discovered last year and will be visited. We will walk through the inner city of Linz, enjoy a nice lunch in one of the typical restaurants. Some spare time for walking on your own and then we drive back to Vienna.

Dates: August 19th, 22nd and 28th, 2018
More information and registration HERE

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